Lux Design Living – Wohnraumgestaltung
Wohnraumgestaltung & Immobilienwertsteigerung
Ansprechpartner: Astrid Gorella Telefon: 0176 19 99 66 68

Lux Design Living – Metropolitan Interior Design
Wohnraumgestaltungsbüro – Planungsbüro

Lux Design Living (LXD) specializes in outstanding designs for houses, apartments and offices, as well as retail shops. LXD produces individually tailored furniture – either up-holstered pieces or build in wooden pieces as well as completely individual furniture projects. LXD uses 3D images and renderings (photorealistic images).



Life consists of many layers, a cycle of life and a surface. As interior designer I allow myself to work not only on the surface, but also to deepen in other important areas of life, which appear significant for the persons I am engaging.


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